Customized for your Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin, Porsche and many other sport car manufacturers.


There you are, driving your supercar down the road when suddenly you realize you have a flat tire. “Awww, RATS!” you mutter while hastily pulling off the side of the motorway.


What are you going to do? Is that tire repair bottle included with your tool kit going to fix it? Unlikely, also because that bottle has sat in your car for who knows how many years and is now probably unusable.


Should you call a tow truck and wait by the side of the road for hours until they eventually dispatch someone who hopefully has a flatbed truck low enough to winch your car without damaging it? Oh, wait, where is the tow hook that was supposed to be with your tool kit, anyway?


That's when you realize the value of having a bespoke repair kit customized for your car with all the tools you need to be back on the road in 30 minutes with full tire pressure and a lasting repair.


Envision fixing your flat tire quickly and easily with this kit:


1) Once safely on the side of the road open the elegant tool bag decorated with your car manufacturer's logo, take out the low-profile 1 ½ ton scissors jack designed to work with low-clearance vehicles and raise the car.


2) Next, to remove the wheel use the included reversible ½ in. drive click-type torque wrench and drive socket (metric or SAE) specific to the size of the bolts installed on your car. To keep your hands from getting dirty be sure to wear the reusable workshop-quality gloves provided with the kit.


3) Once you remove the wheel use the included needle-nose pliers to remove the foreign object from the tire and the repair kit to plug the hole using simple hardened-steel (not plastic) T-handle tools.


4) Next, plug the provided 12V tire inflator into either: 1) your cigarette lighter or using one of the two provided extensions 2) into your SAE battery tender plug or 3) directly to the battery terminals using alligator clips. The choice is yours: everything you need is included with this kit.


5) Finally use the torque wrench providing a torque range from 20-150 ft. lbs. and drive socket to tighten the wheel bolts to factory specification (information custom-provided with each vehicle-specific kit). Drive off in style after wiping the wheel clean with the included microfiber cloth.


All items in this kit are bolded as well as pictured above. They are high-quality, over-engineered and designed to be used over and over again, so be sure to store them back in the tool bag until next time you need it.



This kit isn't recommended for center lug nut applications such as certain early Ferrari Testarossa models or recent Porsche GT3 models

Ultimate Tire Repair Kit for Sport Cars/ Supercars

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