New, uncut key replica equivalent to part # 127290 (308, 328, GT4, Dino) and # 95401153 (F40) - which are no longer available as blank spares from Ferrari.


Individually assembled using the same mechanical components (ball/spring/pin for the folding mechanism) found in the original Ferrari key. In a side-by-side comparison this replica is virtually indistinguishable from the equivalent OEM key.


This key can be easily cut at any locksmith shop. Made in USA.


Shipping is approximately 6-8 days from date of order.

Key Blank for Ferrari 308, 328, GT4, Dino, F40

SKU: FERR-foldsingle-01
  • 14-day money back guarantee: returns are accepted as long as the key is uncut and undamaged. Once the key is cut by a locksmith it can no longer be returned.

  • USPS First Class shipping to USA addresses.


    USPS First Class International shipping to international addresses with destination-dependent costs based on destination of shipment. Free international shipping for orders over $300.

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