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Made using exclusively OEM BERU components used in the original Ferrari plug wires.
Plug wires for the 456 GT/GTA/M and 550 can't be purchased from Ferrari individually and, if found from rare parts specialists, may only be obtained as a set of 12 + all connectors for a price well in excess of $2000.
Now you can buy one wire or any number of them or a full set of 12 that are virtually indistinguishable from the original part.
Plug wires are easily removed from their connectors turning them against the clock and inserted by turning them clockwise - a very easy DIY if one is so inclined.
Listed price is for each wire + two brass terminals (crimped at each end). If buying individual wires please indicate which cylinder(s) they are for, as each wire is slightly different in length.

Spark Plug Wires for Ferrari 456 GT/GTA/M and 550 Maranello

SKU: Plug-wire-456-550
4 Ounces
  • 14-day money back guarantee: returns are accepted as long as the wires are unused and undamaged.

  • Free USPS First Class shipping to USA addresses.


    USPS First Class International shipping to international addresses with destination-dependent costs based on destination of shipment.

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