Sample Search: Higher-Mileage Ferraris

We put or mouse where our mouth is and we ran a sample search of pre-owned, probably slightly imperfect Ferraris. The results will likely surprise you.

A summary search of, one among the most popular internet sites of its type, reveals an extensive list of higher-mileage Ferraris for sale at very reasonable prices. We ran a search for Ferraris for the sake of this example, but we could have done the same with, say, Lamborghini or Aston Martin, and so on. Remember that we aren't after a perfect car here: what the prospective owner of a higher-mileage, pre-owned supercar is searching for is a reasonably sorted-out vehicle that, upon inspection, yields a list of trouble spots that can be fixed without breaking the bank. Or, in the case of some minor issues of an aesthetic nature, maybe can even be left alone.

“ The most important part is understanding that buying an imperfect exotic isn't an arcane art only professed by a few cognoscenti. ”

Setting the max price cap at $75,000 (but that cap can be anything one desires based on their budget) netted us a cache of approximately 40 (yes, forty!) very interesting exotics – from a 1997 F355 Spyder with 65,400 miles and a $53,400 asking price, to a 1999 Ferrari 360 Modena with 40,000 and an ask of $49,999 – and lots of intriguing vehicles in between.

Are the two vehicles described above worth pursuing? We don't know: the only way to tell is to follow the steps highlighted in the Guides published in the “Read & Share” section of our site (more Guides are forthcoming). For now suffice to say that these vehicle certainly have potential: that's a lot of car for the money and at those prices there is also room left for some repairs.

The most important part is understanding that buying an imperfect exotic isn't an arcane art only professed by a few cognoscenti. In the end an exotic car is a car, and a exotic car engine is an engine and both can be fixed like any other vehicle – far more cheaply than generally though if one knows how to go about it.

And that's why Affordable Supercar Parts exists.

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