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Dummy load to bypass the slow down light thermocouple and ECU keeping the slow down warning light off. Contains 2 units.


This package contains 2 units as a pair is required for most cars.


Dummy load to bypass the slow down light system in Ferrari models which use slow down ECU 179278 and have had catalytic converters removed and replaced with straight through pipes.

This system allows full removal of catalyst slow down ECU 179278, and associated thermocouples. Connects to the main wiring loom position where the old ECU would normally sit using the same connector, it creates a dummy signal the engine management interprets as a catalytic converter operating at a normal temperature thereby keeping the dashboard slow down light off.

NOTE: while this product will disable slow down light warnings, it is possible certain later model Ferrari (360 and up) will trigger a check engine fault. Newer cars expect to see catalyst temperature rising with engine temperature and a sense check is periodically done. It is recommended to fully check your vehicles requirements before purchasing.


Not suitable for F355 bypass (3rd) centre ECU position. Only suitable for main positions (left and right) on F355 models.


Allow 13-15 business day for delivery.



Do not install this product into cars which have catalytic converters. If your vehicle is equipped with catalytic converters the slow down light system is required as catalysts carry an overheating risk and a properly working warning system is essential. By purchasing this bypass unit you acknowledge that your vehicle has had catalytic converters removed. We take no responsibility for loss or injury due to the warning system being disabled and by purchasing this product the customer confirms understanding and full liability for all risk.

Dummy Load SDL Bypass

SKU: SDL_bypass_01
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