Cross-Referencing OEM Replacement Parts

In this first Tech Corner article we will show exactly what we mean by cross-referencing replacement parts across manufacturers and how this strategy can benefit the savvy supercar owner

One of the key strategies to maintain an older, higher-mileage supercar without breaking the bank is to know where to source any replacement parts that may become needed. As covered elsewhere in this publication, replacement parts for your supercar can be obtained from the following vendors (listed here in order of price expectations, from highest to lowest):

- Brand dealership parts departments such as, for instance, Algar Ferrari

- Brand-specialized vendors such as, for instance, Ricambi America (Ferrari, Lamborghini Maserati). These vendors are located both in the United States or abroad (in the latter case, for instance, Maranello Classic Parts in the U.K.

- Ebay sellers offering both new or used parts (careful here, especially with used parts, but with some commons sense bargains can be found)

- Cross referencing OEM parts with their generic equivalents made by the likes of Bosch, Beru, etc. and buying them from generic auto parts stores.

The last item is indeed the most interesting and the one that allows supercar owners to realize significant savings while maintaining their exotic vehicle.

“ A two-unit fuel pump replacement that would cost the uninformed Ferrari owner in excess of $1300 for parts alone, will cost the smart supercar owner $370 instead. We rest our case.”

What follows is a list of Bosch parts that are shared across both manufacturers and models. Note how the same part that is used in some exotic vehicles (as well as other vehicles) is indeed made by Bosch and cross-referenced to its generic item number. This should serve as an example of how the same parts are often found in several models made often by completely different manufacturers.

For instance: do you need a Ferrari 456/550 fuel pump, Ferrari part # 155592? That part will set you back $677.34 at Algar Ferrari, $620.24 at Ricambi America, 381.92 Pound Sterling (= $517.86) at Maranello Classic Parts or $185.00 if one buys the equivalent Bosch-branded part. You do the math – ah, and most Ferrari models use two fuel pumps. A two-unit fuel pump replacement that would cost the uninformed Ferrari owner in excess of $1300 for parts alone, will cost the smart supercar owner $370 instead. We rest our case.

Here is a sample list of Bosch parts and the models/manufacturers they fit into. As time progresses Affordable Supercar Magazine aims to become the repository of this type of information, and we strongly invite our readers to send us their verified cross-referenced lists so that we can add them to our database and make them available to our readers.

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