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No More Wobbly 12V plugs!

Replace the existing European-size cigarette lighter socket in your Italian vehicle with one that has the proper size for all your electronics.

If you own an Italian vehicle you know that the size of its cigarette socket doesn't easily accommodate 12V power plugs and electronics designed for use with USA 12V sockets. The Euro 12V socket is generally wider than its US counterpart and doesn't allow for a proper fit. The result is that items inserted in the 12V socket either don't make proper contact or wobble hopelessly and pop out with the slightest finger pressure.

We have been approached by many customers looking for a solution easier, safer and more elegant than wrapping tape around the neck of the 12V plug (from US chargers to GPS plugs and everything in between) to make it fit without wobbling.

We found the solution! This is a very easy-to-install 12V socket that fits the receptacle of the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle and uses the existing power connection without needing any modifications. Just insert the connector into the bottom of the socket, install the socket in the receptacle and you are done. It's a very easy modification that anyone can make on their own.

The price? 10% of what dealers charge for the original 12V socket - that won't work in the USA to begin with.

Want one? Find it in The Shop.


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