Using cross-referenced parts: Ferrari part # 164083 L.H. SIDE ANGOLAR SPEED SENSOR

Also referred to as an Engine Speed Sensor, this device provides the ECM with information about crank speed which, in turn, determines such variables as engine timing etc.

This part is used in the following Ferrari models: 456GT, 456M and 550 Maranello.

The problem: When this part malfunctions it will feed the computer incorrect parameters resulting in misfires, rough running, problematic starts on a hot engine, and eventually a Check Engine Light (CEL).

The solution: once this part starts malfunctioning the only solution is to replace it. Unfortunately this part appears to be “unavailable” on most Ferrari parts sites.

The Affordable Supercar solution: Using perhaps the simplest trick in our book, and one that is invariably effective, we set out to find the equivalent non-Ferrari part. Being this a commonly available item that is found across other automobile brands such as Citroen and Dacia (yes, Dacia!) we quickly located its BOSCH equivalent and had it shipped from Europe. The new replacement part we sourced cost $6.50 instead of the $85 being asked by Ferrari parts dealers (who, in any case couldn't source it as they indicated it's “no longer available”).

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