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Searching Supercar Internet Boards

In general Internet Boards such as FerrariChat or 6Speedonline are for high-worth enthusiasts and collectors who place a premium on low-mile, near perfect exotic specimens. There are exceptions to that rule, though.

There are several exotic car discussion boards available on the internet where owners, enthusiasts, collectors and lurkers come together to chat about their cars and passion. For instance, FerrariChat is a very active board not only for Ferrari owners but also for other marques, from Lamborghini to Aston Martin to name a few. Another very popular board is 6speedonline, focusing mostly on Porsche but with large sections also dedicated to other manufacturers. In addition, most supercar models will usually have their own dedicated Owners Club site as is the case, for instance, with Viper Club of America. What's important for the purpose of this article is that nearly all these discussion boards also have a section dedicated to classified posts, where cars are sought or offered.

“If you are on the hunt for a driver-type dream car keeping an eye on these boards can be time well spent, as exceptions are occasionally found.”

The Classified in these sections will often feature cream puffs: low-mileage, pristine, vehicles that seem to have survived in a bubble and were hardly driven for as long as they have existed. The descriptions on the ads often underline how the paintwork is still original and untouched, and special mentions are made in case a minuscule rock chip is found anywhere on the nose of the car.

While this type of vehicles make a certain audience tick (and that is perfectly fine with us), they certainly don't fall under the general parameters we have set out to describe our typical higher-mileage, older and slightly imperfect dream car. But if you are on the hunt for a driver-type dream car keeping an eye on these boards can be time well spent, as exceptions are occasionally found.

This is the case with a 1992 Ferrari 348 that was recently posted for sale on FerrariChat. The seller's honest description makes no mystery of the fact that this car is in need of some elbow grease but the list of imperfection is all in all very reasonable (the full "for sale" ad has been posted in the "Find One" section of this magazine):

"Beautiful 348ts with F40 Front style dual air ducts. Rosso Corsa. My $42,500 storied car up for sale. Clean CA title but it came with a repaired AZ title when I bought it. 33,000 approx. major done around 30k. 11/2015

Has a dozen small issues that are more of a irritation. Before major it dripped oil now it still drips more oil. ABS light on (I don’t need ABS) Two air conditioning vents sticky (I don’t touch them) Rims and lug nuts 5-7/10 cosmetically Paint 7 or 8/10 one door ding hard to see from Ferrari Club member’s FF door on Enzo’s BD Interior - parts look new other areas are maturing. Car can never be concours but people compliment me all the time. "

So this car has an oil leak, scratched rims, a door ding (oh, the humanity!) and an imperfect interior. Yes, but that is balanced by the rather expensive major service (timing belts, etc.) that was done three years (and 3000 miles) ago.

In summary, this is certainly a car worth looking at. With some negotiating skills one could easily bring home this Ferrari for close to $40,000 and have a perma-smile plastered on their face for the rest of time. As for the repairs that may be needed, come on over to the "Tech Corner" section of this magazine and let us show you how supercars can be fixed without having to pawn a kidney.


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